Rebecca Cote is a community artist and teacher. Her focus in community work ranges from in-partnership youth programming with public schools and wider community work with non-profit centers engaged in community and social improvement.  Rebecca uses visual art to build life skills, initiate activate agency in youth and adults and to develop 21st century thinking skills. Through community inclusive initiatives, she hopes to build positive identity, pride and ambition and help rejuvenate communities through collaboratively identifying local assets and facilitating creative potential. She has been an entrepreneur and professional wilderness guide for over twenty years owning her own rafting company in a small town in northern California. Rebecca utilizes her life experience to work deeply with communities to leverage innate creative expression and instill empathy. She obtained her MEd at Lesley University in Community Art and Education and graduated with a BA in Visual Art from Humboldt State University. She has also exhibited both fine art and community art in formal and informal environments on the East and West Coast.

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Habits of Learning came out of extensive reflection on the experiences of my life and how that has informed my underlying philosophy.  To be able to crystalize and communicate these tenets has given me ground to stand on moving forward as an artist with a passion for collaboration, community spirit and sustainable well being.

As you meander through this site you will find musings and reactions, influences and questions.   Inspiration is always right around the corner.



Building a fire,

You start small, gathering small bits of dried grass.  You know what to grab because you can feel with your hands how dry it is.  Then you look for sticks, small at first, then gradually bigger.  Anything with an edge is bonus.

Now you need to generate some heat,

So you have to make friction.

Gather your simple, primitive tools

And go to work.

You will feel like stopping,

But just keep going and

Work it out.

Luckily, you were smart and left your tinder close by.

Get ready…

You see smoke…img_4386

A little more feverishly

img_4386Add some fuel, not too much
Work it a bit more,

Then give it some air.

Precise, right at the core.

You can ignite that spark

That creates a flame,

img_4386Fed by you and your actions.

Build your fire and be warm

And let others be warm



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